Petite Prose (17)

Treading water. Constantly trying to keep my head above water. Hoping against hope, That the tides remain in check, And no marine life venture too close. Struggling, Squirming, Trying to keep breathing, And keep from drowning.  


Where Did The Time Go?

It's all moving so fast. One second, you are in kindergarten and the hardest thing is picking between the red crayon or the blue one. The next second, you're moving up to middle school, a little older and a little more mature. One more second passes, and you're now in high school, getting serious about... Continue Reading →

The Great ‘What If’

My mind often wonders back. To those days. Wonders back and hypothesizes. Imagine what would have happened, Bordering on the great 'what if'. Neither here nor there. Fantasizing about the opposite of what actually happened. Some things I'd keep the same. Some things I'd change. The result would be a combination. If only I could.... Continue Reading →

Beyond Repair.

Torn away, Ripped apart. Broken beyond repair. Pieces scattered, Here, there, Everywhere. Little by little, It seemed at one point, That it could be fixed. Though it would take years. But then came the brilliance. The beauty, brightness and brazenness. And with it, the fire. Everything touched, burned. Looking back, I never would've thought, That... Continue Reading →

Tipping the Scales.

So much pressure. From this unforgiving world. Almost too much to bear. The ecosystem has a perfect balance, Where the blood pressure of our bodies, perfectly matches the atmospheric. And yet, the cosmos feels as if they should add to that. 7 billion people on this earth. And yet, The universe finds a way to... Continue Reading →

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