The Beast Had Finally Won.

She stopped and bent down,

The pain was too much to bear.

How could she go on,

With her life hanging in the air?


Tears rushed to her eyes,

But she blinked them fiercely back.

Thus, was the importance of her journey,

That she knew she could not turn back.


She pushed herself into a sitting position,

Then worked up the strength to stand up.

She must go on,

She knew she could not give up.


Marcus was her life, her son,

Her love left no doubt.

The poor kid was about to be orphaned,

Something she knew she could do nothing about.



She trusted no-one anymore,

Not since that grievous day.

The day that she had been told,

That she was barely keeping cancer at bay.


She had to keep working.

So that her little Marcus’s future may be better.

But as she tried to stand up,

She knew that she could not get better.


Passer’s by tried to help,

Seeing a frail woman crouching down in pain.

But she ignored them all,

Knowing that their help would go in vain.


She closed her eyes and lay down,

Thinking only of her son.

Then she gave into the pain,

The beast had finally won.



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