But To My Surprise,

She walked down the aisle,

All dressed in white.

Smiling and Waving at the crowd,

Who were all clapping in delight.


Her day had come,

The day that she had been anxiously waiting for.

She clasped her father’s arm,

And smiled till her mouth was sore.

I stood in the crowd,

Clapping like the rest.

Watching them watching her,

All looking their best.


Weddings, in my opinion,

Had always sucked.

Why risk all your hopes and dreams,

Just to see them become corrupt?


Then I turned towards the groom,

To see the poor sucker’s face.

But to my surprise,

It was shining as bright as her lace.


And then I thought,

That maybe I had been wrong.

Maybe there was a deeper meaning,

And hope for marriage after all.


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