A Choice Must Be Made.

He didn’t know,

Which way to go.

Everything looked exactly the same,

All buried in four feet of snow.


Turning his head,

This way and that.

He wondered, ‘Is it left or is it right?’

Then shrugged and turned back.

Why risk it at all, he thought,

For there is no way to decide.

What if I unwittingly make a wrong turn,

And end up buried alive?


On his way back,

He accidentally slipped.

And went plummeting down,

Into a snowy cold drift.


His head cracked on the ice,

and he instantly died.

Leaving us to learn,

that to turn back is to die.

A choice must be made,

For our life to progress forward.

Otherwise we too, like the boy,

shall ultimately bow down to life and surrender.



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