Creativity Uncurbed

I was cleaning my cupboard the other day and I found this poem that I had written when I had been in 4th grade.

The Magic Box

I will put in the box.

An orange dolphin wearing pink sunglasses,

A red horse hiding a red ring,

A yellow pillow with a stiff nose.

I will put in the box.

A cheeky monkey as vast as the biggest dinosaur,

A stupid carnival stood slightly sideways sawing sand,

A typical radio with his eyes staring.

I will put in the box.

A conker toilet stood up in the tree,

A huge camera as vast as the smart board,

A shaky Nintendo with a wolf on its back.

I will put in the box,

A hot anthology coming from outer space,

A twirling baby with a passion hat,

A beautiful lullaby singing a rap song.

My box is fashioned with silver and gold,

With hearts on the lids and secrets on the sides,

Its hinges are finger nails from a unicorn.

I shall live in my box.

On the great tornado blasters with plasters,

Then sit on my green land,

The colour of grass.

Reading this poem bought back memories of my childhood, of a time when creativity went unchecked, imagination was a thing people approved of, not scoffed at, and thinking outside of the box was an admirable quality. Nowadays, you’re considered a lunatic if you dare to think different. You’re insulted and looked down upon if you try to imagine. If you’re given a task, then you’re supposed to do it exactly as asked, with no room for your own interpretation.

The poem I wrote was an assignment given based on a poem that we had read before. I don’t remember what poem this one was inspired from but I do remember being enthralled by it. This poem questions the concept of reality altogether. What exactly is a ‘typical radio’? And what does it mean when you say its eyes are ‘staring’? I don’t know. But maybe that’s the thing, maybe you’re not supposed to know. Maybe you’re not supposed to go into the depth of everything and try and find an interpretation for every single thing. Some things are just there. Some poems just play with words for the heck of it, and when you read them you might find a new perspective, a new way of imagining, a different reality. Maybe.


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