To Be Grown Up is a State of Mind

Growing up is a part of life. We grow all the time. We’re born as tiny little infants, and then slowly but surely our bodies grow physically and our minds grow mentally.

We learn new things everyday and gain from the different experiences that we go through. All these learning experiences that we endure, boost our maturity level and this results in what we call ‘growing up.’ But the process of ‘growing up’ is different for every individual. The sense of maturity that we gain results from the environment that we live in and the challenges we have to undergo, and since we are all different human beings, our lives our completely different from one another’s.

Some people sustain heavy losses at a very tender age, and end up having to carry a heavy burden and so are forced to gain maturity faster that people who are sheltered by the arms of their parents, and have not yet gone through the hardships of life. Although, I do agree that in one aspect a sense of maturity does come with age, I would also have to say that due to the different conditions in our lives the degree of ‘being grown up’ varies.


17 thoughts on “To Be Grown Up is a State of Mind

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  1. I find this somewhat helpful, my speech could really be improved too, thanks, you’ve just gave me a lot of erm…. advice when it comes to speaking to over I’d say five-hundred people… keep it up!

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  2. Thanks a llootttttt!!!!!!!
    Tomorrow is my asl on the same topic
    It really helped me a lot
    I was gone mad searching for text aboit the same
    And here i found it thankssssss
    Hope my asl goes gr8

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  3. Hello,
    I am Vishnu Vignesh, a Grade 9 student. I have a speech competition based on this topic tomorrow and your post gives me a gist on what all to talk. I would like to thank you. But I have some stage fear, so I am not sure if I can do well. But anyways, I will be using this as the introduction and thank you again! šŸ™‚

    With regards,
    Vishnu Vignesh


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