People are so versatile. We change our minds so quickly. We are all influenced too easily. Our mind tells us something but we believe or listen to something else. It’s unbelievable how much we change in just short periods of time.

Take a moment to reflect on yourself. Then think back to how you were yesterday. Is there anything different? Yes. I guarantee that something has changed. It may be a small, hardly noticeable difference, or it may be a drastic, life-changing decision. But the fact is that the change is there. We are changing all the time. Our thought processes are altered so quickly that it takes a moment just to catch up with yourself.

We are influenced by other people. Everyone tells you to ‘stand out from the crowd’, but honestly how many of us want to take the first step to do that? We are humans, animals. Our first instinct is to stick with the pack. Where everyone goes, one follows. We follow by example. We don’t want to be that black sheep. We want to fit in with everyone else. We don’t want to be or do anything different that what everyone else already is or is doing.

Our second instinct is defense. We’ll be doing something and we’ll be doing it alone, but as soon as we got the scent of accusations or failure, we are so quick to find someone else to pin the blame on. We want to protect ourselves. For the majority of us, the most important person for us, is us. We don’t want to be the one labelled with defeat. If it’s anyone else, then it’s fine. As long as it’s not us.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that although everyone tells us to ‘be ourselves’ and ‘be a leader’ etc., it’s not that easy. We’ve grown up in an environment and a society which tells you not to do exactly that. Trying to divert ourselves from our basic natural tendencies is extremely hard. You can try, but that’s not who you are. Always remember that you are unique. Right now, in this moment, you are awesome.


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