Have you ever noticed how sometimes when you tell one lie, you think that this one, small lie won’t affect anyone and nothing bad will happen, but that one small white lie ends up spiraling out of control?

Most of the time the little untruths you tell affect no-one. You get away with it, no-one’s the wiser and truth be told it’s not really hurting anyone. Sometimes it’s for the other person’s benefit. You don’t want to hurt them, so you don’t tell them. Sometimes you do it to save yourself. You don’t want to go through the consequences of your wrong-doing or maybe you forgot to do something and you said that you had done it. You spin some story and you weave a intricate pattern that the recipient of the lie becomes thoroughly confused, and as is the nature of humans, they let it go. At times, you tell a lie to save other people. You tell a lie, so that someone who’s close to you won’t get hurt or get into trouble. You blame someone else or in some cases, yourself.

Then there are those times, when you tell a lie out of pure social awkwardness.

For example, imagine that you’re sitting with your friends and they are talking about some recent, amazing, blockbuster movie, but you haven’t seen it. So, you’re just sitting there trying hard to stay out of the conversation, when one of your friends asks you whether you’ve seen it or not. Now, out of pure social awkwardness, you say you have, when in fact you haven’t. So, now that you’ve said that you have seen it, they start asking you questions like, ‘who’s your favorite character?’ or ‘what was your favorite part of the movie?’ But you don’t know, since you haven’t seen the movie, but you answer anyway, again out of pure social awkwardness. ‘Oh, you know, the main guy.’ or ‘Oh, man my favorite part was like the climax, when it just built up and went woah!’ Most likely, your friends’ reactions are ‘What??’ But, you keep on justifying yourself and, eventually the truth will come out, and people are going to say ‘Why couldn’t you just have told the truth in the beginning? God, it’s just a movie…’ But you were afraid of what they were going to think of you and so you couldn’t bring yourself to tell the truth. But, if you had, you could have saved yourself all this trouble and nothing major would have happened.

So, out of social awkwardness, you turned the situation into nothing short of a disaster, and because you were socially awkward you kept lying and lying and the situation kept spiraling further and further out of control.

This makes me think. Sometimes people just get into the habit of lying and they do it so frequently, that it starts happening for every single thing. Honestly, all you need to do is calm down, take a deep breath and just tell the truth. You don’t need to worry about what people think. Haters will hate. But you are who you are. So, just relax and let the truth come shining through.


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