To, you.

To, 'you' It would be the unlikeliest of pairings. Walk in the room and you can't stop staring, Takes you a minute to gather your bearings, Eyes wide and hushed tones at my daring. I reflected, there was some truth in 'opposites attract'. Almost to the point where it felt like a given fact. But,... Continue Reading →

We Met That One Fateful Day.

We met that one fateful day in the middle of summer. And thus began the roller-coaster of emotions, that would eventually take me to hell. You promised me it wouldn't hurt. You said you weren't capable of hurting me. But it hurt. It hurt. It hurt. It hurt. We became so close so fast that... Continue Reading →


I stand alone, Pondering on the sidewalk. The wind picks up, Making the leaves swirl around me. The cold night pinches my skin, Nevertheless I resolutely stand there. Waiting. Cars streak by, Lights flashing and horns blaring. I shove my hands into my pockets, Protecting them from the biting cold. The end of my scarf... Continue Reading →

Petite Prose (18)

She said, ‘Dedicate a song to me.’ He paused. ‘I can’t. Not just a single song. You are not a song. A song is something you listen to, and then forget as new and better ones come. You are no song. Not just an addictive tune or a classic beat. Not even a foot tapping... Continue Reading →

Some Days…

Some days, The pressure is too much. And some days, You just want to crawl into a hole, And block out the world. Some days, The burden is too heavy. And some days, It doesn't matter, You keep moving on. But some days, You stop and think. Why? But every day, No matter what, The... Continue Reading →

Where Did The Time Go?

It's all moving so fast. One second, you are in kindergarten and the hardest thing is picking between the red crayon or the blue one. The next second, you're moving up to middle school, a little older and a little more mature. One more second passes, and you're now in high school, getting serious about... Continue Reading →

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